15 March, 2011

UK | Project 10

For project 10 we had the opportunity to choose from ten different briefs. They ranged from typography and editorial to information designs and interactive pieces. Out of these 10 I chose to do information design, info flow. We must must choose from the fallowing within the brief:
1 Care stopping at stoplights
2 People entering a station
3 Busses arriving at a deport
4 A football crowd leaving a ground
5 Aircraft movements at Gatwick

Then we are to collect information, and research first by video taping the serino we wish to record (for 30 sec, 1 minute, or five minutes) It's very open really. I have chose to do the Aircraft movements at Gatwick.
Below is honestly just random doodles and ideas I sketched out yesterday. I am excited to get my informations gathered. I am leaning towards the mathematics of a plane moving, such as how they land (as you can see my little sketch of the plane fallowing a path in a spiral, which is how they land) Also interested in the different airlines, where they are traveling all over the world, air miles, directions...and so on.
This is a very experimental brief, the final pieces dont necessarily have to make sense. Though I believe I want to push towards making them useable, and able to be used to gather information.

These are just a few images I was looking at. I really enjoy how abstract and mathematical these screen shots of a air control screen look. Somehow I believe they would fit nicely into my brainstorming:

Lastly, I am going to use zinc lithography for this. Possibly creating a series of A1 posters showing these maps, diagrams, or whatever I come up with with. 
Pretty excited.
Oh and this is my 2nd lithographed piece: 
Yes, it's Julie and I. Yes, those are halos. Yes, it's quite creepy.

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