06 October, 2010

The first few pages are of my first round. Then there is the second round below. Honestly, I have not fully grasped the direction I am going to go with 
Trying to decide what would be the best direction to go in, the baby wipes, almond butter, or the chai latte concentrate. 
My next step is going to do some sort of a matrix. to further decided on my subject, and think of ideas that wont be so obvious and interesting.

Oregon Chai Tea Latte Concentrate

1) Going off the concept of being comfortable and relaxed, while drinking a cup of chai tea. Like in a cafe setting, or in your own home by the fire.

2) Second concept is the feeling of being peaceful and healthy, example is of a person doing yoga poses is shown above.

3) The last concept of having the viewer feel like they are actually in the region where the chai tea originally was grown. The examples above show being in the mountains, or have rows of chai plants.

1) First concept would be playing off the trust of the USDA ORGANIC logo on the packaging. Emphasizing all natural traits, and the "certified" sticker"

2) Emphasizing that this product is concentrate. More for your money.