27 January, 2010

VIS COM | Readings #one

The article "How to Think" from Ed Boyden's Blog was basically what the title reads, how to think. Boyden creates a proposal to teach classes, ten "rules' which focus on being creative, thoughtful, and powerful in today's world.

Reading this lists made it apparent how these rules would help you reach a goal, maintain a great work ethic, produce solid projects, or just succeed in life really. All of the rules were helpful, but I really believe collaborating, learning rapidly, making your mistakes quickly, and documenting everything are a few that I believe are very helpful to me.
As a graphic design student collaborating is a tool I use very often. My peers and I are constantly discussing and combining ideas.
Learning rapidly is so useful! Ha. Boyden made an excellent point about today's standards, that its so important to be able to learn skills quickly. Boyden also gave the example of how he is able to use his brain to the fullest, by learning what helps him retain and produce to his fullest. Smart.
When it comes to making my mistakes quickly, I think I have a hard time. Though I believe I am getting better at accepting my mistakes, learning from them, and moving forward. Lastly, document everything. I believe I do this very well right now, cause I throughly enjoy collecting items, and scraps of things that I believe spark my creative nerve. Or even that just seem really neat and interesting. (If you do not believe me, just look at my desk. Ha.)

26 January, 2010

Type | Poster Ideas

Idea #one: Sex Trafficking
Idea #two: Making college's affordable

What ya think?

25 January, 2010

VIS COM | Two Story Ideas

Story One:
Preforming Surgery

1) sink
2) gloves
3) stethoscope
4) IVs
5) operating table
6) lamps
7) clip boards
8) syringe
9) scalpel
10) pain killers
11) hospital gown
12) hospital bed

Story Two:
Building a Treehouse

1) tree
2) wood
3) screws
4) nails
5) hammer
6) screw driver
7) pully and pale
8) overalls
9) wood glue
10) saw
11) drill
12) bandana
13) plans
14) carpenter's pencil