28 November, 2009


Above is my progress with the leaf assignment using pantone colors. I have my colors for the color aid  picked out, ready to be placed in the section between the leaf and the pantone color structure.
But of course after several tries of color correction, the CMYK color is still off. I believe my color aid pieces are much more accurate then my pantone color print off.
I will continue to achieve this color correcting.

22 November, 2009

VISCOM | Storyboard

This is my final layout for my animation. I have finished my "rough daft" of the entire animation. I still have a bit of things to tweak. The timing is difficult for me. I have been having a hard time getting all the shapes to animate the the correct times, though I am getting much better at Flash.
I want a slow song for my animation, and have been going through my itunes and websites searching for the perfect tune. which I haven't found yet.

17 November, 2009

CDF: Delineation Studies



16 November, 2009

Type Iterations for 2nd line: "bent barley grass"

(One of my first type iteration)
This is the font I plan to use. Bernhard Modern Std. I choose this one because it resembled the grass. I am going to also use this positioning, at the base of the blades of grass.

(One of my first type iterations)
I plan to scale done the font from the first picture. This one was also another iteration. I do not plan on using the font though. I believe the first font is much more effective and relates well. But I think the first picture's font is too big. Scaling down would be a possibility.

Ta Da!
I think this is my final iteration. I may move the type down slightly. But overall I believe this is my best iteration and will be used for my second line which reads "bent barley grass"

Final Web Designs

These are my two final layouts for web design. I really like the top one. I like the alignment on the right side.  I still think the monogram is awkward. I have had trouble my monogram from day 1. It's so blocky and has such an odd positive shape.

15 November, 2009

Color Photos






These are just a few of my photos for my color book. I am photographing containers, if you can't tell. I am using found color. I have been taking pictures at the antique mall in the River Market. I need to get a few clearer shots. I plan to re shoot the transparency and the triad.
I will get this right at some point. Trial and error.

13 November, 2009

F + S TYPE (for fun)

I found this tonight, at first not even noticing it was type. Then when I enlarge it, I was amazing. This is beautiful. Love the lines ad it's "flow".

Enjoy, have a wonderful night.


11 November, 2009

Final Marks

These are my final marks for my haiku. I am excited to get them going in flash. I have began to redo my first tries at the story boards. I didn't do too well on the first ones. I need to work on using the animation to portray the image further. For example, my last line is about a narrow path. I can use zooming and framing to emphasize the narrow path. I am ready to get started and see where this takes my animation.

I have also been further iterating my ideas for my taxonomy. I am planning to use earth tones in my wire-o booklet. I was thinking about using a rich hue outside for the cover and back cover. Then using neatly cut labeling with possibly handwritten titles and texts throughout the booklet.
I want it to flip open vertically and easy to fit in one's hand.
Here is a few sketches of this idea:
I will be putting up some better outlines soon. 

09 November, 2009

Reading Responce | Bitmap VS Vector

Though are symbols for this project will be in bitmaps; vector would have its pros throughout the project also. With using vector we would be able to scale and manipulate the object without pixilation and blurriness.  But with using Bitmap we are able to translate our analog shapes into the computer with beautiful crisp images.

PRO OF BITMAP: Great for photos, used on the web, sometimes the image can be scaled and sharpened to reduce pixilation, clarity and detail for pictures.
CONS OF BITMAP: hard to scale up without pixilation, can be blurry, will never be as clear as smaller image when enlarged and manipulated, bitmap can also be distorted,

PROS OF VECTOR: Can be manipulated in an infinite number of ways without using quality, ideal when creating artwork, which needs to be presented in different sizes or colors,

CONS OF VECTOR: impossible to render a photographic in a vector editor (Like illustrator), must stay simpler compared to bitmaps, have a distinct look, not like detailed photographs.

Clients and designers commonly do not know the difference between vector and bitmap.
Bitmaps are most commonly used for photographic format. All graphics on the web are bitmap. Bitmap are composed of pixels, which are seen when the image is magnified. Pixels are subtracted out when sized down, that’s why the image loses quality when it is scaled back to its original sizing.

Vector graphics are formed from points, lines, and curves, not pixels. When they are combined they form objects. They can be filled with color and can become images, patterns, and even gradients.
Mathematical creations. Saves instructions on how the image should be drawn rather than how it looks. 


For my taxonomy proposal I want to create a 11x6 (or maybe 10x6) wire-o booklet. The cover would be white with black type. I would like to use Utopia or Helvetica, maybe even Gothic. Something simplistic. I would also like to incorporate earth tones throughout the book. If I had the option to do so, I would use browns and greens, and possibly sepia prints, or very crisp black and white.
My table of content would also be very simplistic, also to use a line divider in the center.
I would like to place the black and white (or sepia) image of the tool I used on the left side of the page. On the right I would show neatly place images of the marks I created with this object. 



1) grass
2) wheat
3) rain
4) wind
5) water
6) path

1) worn
2) beaten
3) made
4) create
5) weathered
6) broken
7) bent
8) wilt

08 November, 2009

F + S

I looked around some more and decided to go with this image for my f+s. It is clear that the image above was created by analog before it was turned into a graphic poster. The marks that are to be the trees, clearly also show a image of a silhouette holding a bloody knife. I really enjoy how this is abstract and could be of course a silhouette or trees. 

Johannes Itten

Johannes Itten - Die Begegnung - 1916

We have been studying Johannes Itten's color system. Above is dealing with value with neutrals on the vertical axle. While the horizontal axle shows the value of the red hue.
Above the horizontal axle is a 10 hue color wheel. These swatches are the basis of what we have been making in class. Creating these swatches is very time consuming and an eyeopener to Munsell's world of color.

03 November, 2009

VISCOM Process

I did more mark making tonight, also with my 45 symbols for my haiku.   Shown above is my workspace. The circle shapes are made with a rock, and are my favorite marks so far. These circles are very critical when it comes to making "erosion" a symbol. (Which is my favorite symbol so far)

Responses to the readings | The Urge to Make Things

What first caught my attention was the relation of inanimate objects and how we are using these simple, possibly overlooked items to create something. We explore these inanimate objects like they are new to us. Creating new and interesting shapes. In the reading the author is talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He states that he wanted to be a trolley bell. He then explained that "identification with an inanimate object was spontaneous and immediate" I believe is totally true with our mark making processes. We are exploring, and I believe it is very spontaneous at this point.
The author also talks about the process he goes through. But he often thinks about the final outcome, and cannot wait to see it finished. To see its outcome and beauty.
"The things we create are our gestures. They can indeed be aggressive, modest, elitist, democratic, sexist, gentle, austere, civilized, and just plan silly"
These gesture we are creating at this time have character that may very well give them desribtions such as gentle and silly.