12 February, 2010

VIS COM | 2nd try on icons

This is now my second try on the icons.
We decided to further explore the negative, background, and repetition traits for my icons.
They still need a lot of work, of course. But I really like the background and negative ones. Even though the negatives are the most challenging for me. 
The sink icon is my roughest drawing, it doesn't seem to portray "hospital" to me... I had tried a few drawings of a scrub sink like the sinks doctors use. But it honestly didn't look like a sink, or it was too complex when joined with the other icons.


I am excited to see how all of my icons fit together. I am ready to start working on the others. Like the gloves or the hospital bed. But I am really not looking forward to the operating lights. I believe these will be hard to recognize or too complex, like the scrub sink.

IMAGE MAKING | the constructed image (Lucille Ball) #one

This is not the piece I printed off, but I really like the close shot. I believe the quote is easier to see, but I really think the television brings a lot to the overall setting of the objects. 
The objects I used were a clock (timeless), a baby rattle (motherhood, her children), lipstick and pearls (two very strong staples of Ms. Ball), a burned picture of Desi Arnaz (her divorce between her and Desi was messy and very hard for her), chocolates (symbolizes her humor, the candy factory episode on 'I Love Lucy', and lastly cigarettes (she was a smoker and a cigarette girl when she first started out). 

I ended up printing this one. The only difference is that the inner television is black and white. I did this because most people recognized Lucille Ball in black and white (color television was not invited yet, silly. Though half the show was done in color at some point)
The only thing I do not like about the poster I printed was the angle of the shot in general. I wish thewhole television was visable. But the setup wouldn't allow it. Plus I didn't think it looked right anyways. 
But it will be something I know I will need to work on of course.

Lastly, my quote for Lucille Ball reads "I am a real ham. I love an audience. I work better with an audience. I am dead, in fact, without one." 
I choose this quote because her life was revolved around her career. And her children.

This is the tiled piece I printed out: