25 October, 2009



1) Torn, alone, tattered, mistreated, unloved, water, puddles, gutters, leaves, strong wind, mud, single, erosion, rocks, dirt, tears
2) Beaten, lonesome, complete, force, create, barely, plants, wheat stock, flower, crop circles, grow, broken
3) Leading, confined, path, planned, winding, balance beam, hiking trail, gravel, dirt, sand, stepping stones, fence, pressure, narrow lines

Line #1: erosion torn, tears
Line #2: wheat, grow, broken
Line #3: path, fence, narrow lines

I think I have a good idea about the imagery, but I know I have a lot of refining to do. I feel I am a bit shaky on my overall concept so far. I will be doing more than 27, just to demonstrate better, clearer ideas.

Beginning of color!

We have just began color in CDF! I am pretty excited about this. I have taken color classes in the past, and I am am very eger to continue learning about color therory.
Right now we have just started studying Munsell's color theroy and his charts.

This is most defiantly one of my favorite color charts. I really enjoy all the color solid charts really. They are much more interesting to look at, and give you a bit more of a challenge to understand what it really going on with the colors. 


I saw "Zombieland" this weekend, which I really liked (I am into the end of the world thing) Overall it was great. But my favorite part by far was the opening credits.
I loved the slow motion and the typography they used. I liked how they used the type to show the motion of the people and to show emphasis on the action. The whole movie did a great job of incorporating type into the film itself. Way to go!