22 February, 2010

VIS COM | Readings #three

The article by MacArthur Freeman, the process and the benefits of generate and cull were discussed. To generate means to produce solutions, and to cull means to reduce the number of solutions. Generate and cull is a very useful strategy when it comes to designing.
Generate and cull allows one to compare all different aspecs of a thoughtout solution. Using this will improve your work and allow you to solve the "problem" in the most officiant way.
Using this process will allow you to work through many ideas quickly, create a more effective direction, increase the number of ideas you have, and quite possibly reduce stress.

This process is very useful in our current project, creating the icons. I believe we have all been using this process when we created a great number of iterations, especially when we first began to create our styles of icons. There are so many possibilities we could have discovered. Using these process will allow me to create a much more dynamic project.