27 February, 2010

Type | Weather iterations

Though I have still not acquired a steady composition I have a few iterations I am continuing to work on:

 They all need a lot of work still. But they are coming a long.

VIS COM | Final icons

Okay, so I didn't realize till this morning. But I posted my final icon reflections to my old blogger. Ha. Anyways, I copied and pasted and here it is.

"Operating Instructions"

My final icons consist of:
  • doctor's clipboard
  • stethoscope
  • fluid IV bag
  • syringe
  • operating lamp
  • scalpel
At the beginning of the icon project I was going to do performing of an operation. But now on the final critique of our icons I have decided to do a operating "manual". I have not decided it I am going to make it a serious instruction manual or a slightly humorous manual (or however funny a surgical manual could be)
I think this will be a much more interesting story.
My first object I turned into an icon was the fluid bag, which I would soon find out would be my toughest icon to create. Since it was my toughest, and most iterated icon I chose it to do my process documentation:

Though it was my hardest icon to create, I believe it is one of my strongest ones. And bring the group together.

I did a lot of iterations and came up with six bordered contour icons with a simple wrap around element. I chose the wrap to add a element that was cohesive and interesting.

24 February, 2010

F + S | Color Mag neatness

Very neat idea.

I will be picking up the next issue fo so.


23 February, 2010

Type | Poster Final

I posted my final poster for the Blue Ridge AIGA contest:

I had changed the girl's picture to a teen girl. And changed the text to white. 
So cross your fingers, I can't wait to win the adobe suite CS4 (It does not matter that I already have it)

Love, Loren XOXO

22 February, 2010

VIS COM | Readings #three

The article by MacArthur Freeman, the process and the benefits of generate and cull were discussed. To generate means to produce solutions, and to cull means to reduce the number of solutions. Generate and cull is a very useful strategy when it comes to designing.
Generate and cull allows one to compare all different aspecs of a thoughtout solution. Using this will improve your work and allow you to solve the "problem" in the most officiant way.
Using this process will allow you to work through many ideas quickly, create a more effective direction, increase the number of ideas you have, and quite possibly reduce stress.

This process is very useful in our current project, creating the icons. I believe we have all been using this process when we created a great number of iterations, especially when we first began to create our styles of icons. There are so many possibilities we could have discovered. Using these process will allow me to create a much more dynamic project.

18 February, 2010

VIS COM | vector icons

So I began to vector my icons. I had been working with doing a wrapped/framed element with my icons such as these:
I am still not sure about the black circle background, I didn't like the square background, maybe a simple border would be nice. I need to mess around with more background/framing ideas.

Then I tried some without the wrapping/framing, which I like better:

I also would like to keep the thick single weight stroke throughout the icons.
And once again I am not a fan of the black circle background.
 One reason I decided to try without the frame was because I don't think I will be able to do all of my icons in the matter. But even when straying away from my original plan, I am liking it much more.


My find and share is a set of icons that I stumbled across a few weeks ago while making my morning coffee. I thought it was nice that I just happen to come across an advertisement that related to what we have been learning, without using my computer. On the back of my Dunkin' Doughnut bag was this clear and informational set of the coffee's well-known slogan "American Runs On Dunkin'"

All of the icons shown are clear and understandable to the consumer. The designer stuck to the colors associated with the Dunkin' Doughnut company and used the framing element to make the icons more cohesive. I do not know how I feel about the "ON" icon though. I believe I sticks out from the others, but when placed together it seems to work with the slogan (which is the point, to work with the slogan)

14 February, 2010

Type | Poster (again)

Yes, I am still revising my poster for typography. I think this is my favorite right now. I haven't decided if I like the white text though. I also need to change the picture of the little girl. I was told it would be best to use an older child. So I am on the search for a very blank stare/sad teen girl. I have thought about going out and taking a girl's picture (by permission of course) and get the shot I cannot seem to find online. But then if this poster does win, I doubt that girl will want her face plasterd on a sex traficking poster. Lastly, I need to do more color corrections. I was trying to find the correct color this afternoon, and I seem to be getting a dark-purply color. Trial and error, right?

12 February, 2010

VIS COM | 2nd try on icons

This is now my second try on the icons.
We decided to further explore the negative, background, and repetition traits for my icons.
They still need a lot of work, of course. But I really like the background and negative ones. Even though the negatives are the most challenging for me. 
The sink icon is my roughest drawing, it doesn't seem to portray "hospital" to me... I had tried a few drawings of a scrub sink like the sinks doctors use. But it honestly didn't look like a sink, or it was too complex when joined with the other icons.


I am excited to see how all of my icons fit together. I am ready to start working on the others. Like the gloves or the hospital bed. But I am really not looking forward to the operating lights. I believe these will be hard to recognize or too complex, like the scrub sink.

IMAGE MAKING | the constructed image (Lucille Ball) #one

This is not the piece I printed off, but I really like the close shot. I believe the quote is easier to see, but I really think the television brings a lot to the overall setting of the objects. 
The objects I used were a clock (timeless), a baby rattle (motherhood, her children), lipstick and pearls (two very strong staples of Ms. Ball), a burned picture of Desi Arnaz (her divorce between her and Desi was messy and very hard for her), chocolates (symbolizes her humor, the candy factory episode on 'I Love Lucy', and lastly cigarettes (she was a smoker and a cigarette girl when she first started out). 

I ended up printing this one. The only difference is that the inner television is black and white. I did this because most people recognized Lucille Ball in black and white (color television was not invited yet, silly. Though half the show was done in color at some point)
The only thing I do not like about the poster I printed was the angle of the shot in general. I wish thewhole television was visable. But the setup wouldn't allow it. Plus I didn't think it looked right anyways. 
But it will be something I know I will need to work on of course.

Lastly, my quote for Lucille Ball reads "I am a real ham. I love an audience. I work better with an audience. I am dead, in fact, without one." 
I choose this quote because her life was revolved around her career. And her children.

This is the tiled piece I printed out:

08 February, 2010

Found this:

Ring Clock

I liked this.

Link to PDF

So kann mann meine PDF shen! Es rocktger Welr.

05 February, 2010

Type | Poster

These are my posters for type, on sex trafficking. There are a few errors with the screen shots. The first and last one should be totally black backgrounds. Not sure why they are like that (printed version came out)




03 February, 2010

Type | Poster Photos

I just wanted to post a few photos I was thinking about using for my sex trafficking posters. You are more than welcome to tell me what ya think:


I am going to mess with these images of the guys and see if I can make silhouettes of them, or darken them someway you cant tell who they are. Only that they are men.

 These are just photos I am getting together. Now here are a few layout I am working on:

 ( All of these posters will have hotline info and of course more text. I am open for criticism!)

IMAGE MAKING | Final Project #one

Screen shot in InDesign of my project. (I am getting use to InDesign, finally)
This of course is a candid shot of me. Showing my enjoyment of laughing and what I believe to be my natural state. I really believe this shows who I am in a single shot. 
For those who do not know, this is my massive lime green purse I always carry with me. Inside this index I carry a number of other indexes of me, like my aprons for work, my moleskin, and a huge wallet (which never contains enough money)
I believe this indicates me always on the go and my bright personality.

Lastly, is my symbol. Incense. I believe this symbolizes my calm side. I enjoy hanging out and just relaxing. I am pretty laid back and honestly just really enjoy the scent.  

I thought this was a great way to start the semester. It seemed like a laid back and open assignment. It gave me a chance to brush up on my photography, and play with Photoshop a little bit. This assignment also allowed me to get to know my peers and what they thought about themselves and knowledge about composition, color, and design.