01 March, 2010

VIS COM | Color swatches revised

After class critque over icon color style choices, we went over color out color swatches and this is what I produced:

I think I have a pretty good color range and I am excited to see which colors look best with my icons. I really like the aqua blues and the bright reds. I think that would look nice with the outlines of my crisp white icons.
We will see!

VIS COM | Icon corrections and beginning color

After out "final" critique of our icons Friday, I realized of course these are not final. I received some good feedback and have been correcting them to better my icons. I believe one of the biggest things I need to correct is the weight of the white line and reducing the harsh black. The thick black rectangles are causing the white line to disappearing and losing the icon all together.
I am in the process of fixing that, and correcting/iterating based off my critque:
The top icons are the original, and you can see I am just iterating them below, allowing my to compare them to one another.

We have now began color, and I am excited to see what color will bring to our icons. I believe my icon group will look much more cohesive and complete when color is added. I am once again using my image booklet we made earlier in the project of all my items. I used these images to begin color swatches and ideas for out icon set: