03 November, 2009

VISCOM Process

I did more mark making tonight, also with my 45 symbols for my haiku.   Shown above is my workspace. The circle shapes are made with a rock, and are my favorite marks so far. These circles are very critical when it comes to making "erosion" a symbol. (Which is my favorite symbol so far)

Responses to the readings | The Urge to Make Things

What first caught my attention was the relation of inanimate objects and how we are using these simple, possibly overlooked items to create something. We explore these inanimate objects like they are new to us. Creating new and interesting shapes. In the reading the author is talking about what he wanted to be when he grew up. He states that he wanted to be a trolley bell. He then explained that "identification with an inanimate object was spontaneous and immediate" I believe is totally true with our mark making processes. We are exploring, and I believe it is very spontaneous at this point.
The author also talks about the process he goes through. But he often thinks about the final outcome, and cannot wait to see it finished. To see its outcome and beauty.
"The things we create are our gestures. They can indeed be aggressive, modest, elitist, democratic, sexist, gentle, austere, civilized, and just plan silly"
These gesture we are creating at this time have character that may very well give them desribtions such as gentle and silly.