13 January, 2011

UK | Tower block progress

Gathering information most on the internet, I found a random website that allowed me to view basic stats on the tower blocks in the Brighton area. Below is an example of one of the lists:

After creating the map, I added my plots, and a key at the bottom of the mapping. Using color coding to separate the categories, complete, proposed, cancelled, and on hold.
I can't say I am 100% happy with my final A1 sized poster. But after tomorrow's crit, I hope to receive feedback that will improve my piece. 

07 January, 2011

UK | New beginning

Starting a new semester of design... in another country.
I am currently studying at the University of Brighton in the UK.
So far it has been an interesting move, finding classes, moving in a new flat (soon to be moving again), and learning the ways of British education. But it's honestly been great so far.
We have gotten our first assignment on the first day of out studio class (Tuesday)
Julie and I outr being plopped into the middle of the year, so basically we are starting on Project 6.
Mapping Brighton:
Documenting through photography, video/film, drawing, text or symbols the category of information I have drawn from a hat (Tower Blocks) I am now to gathering information about these tower blocks within a two mile radius of the 'Clock Tower' in central Brighton. I will record this information, find links about the subject and create a large format folded map sheet, chart, interactive piece, or short film.

I have currently gathered information about these residential tower blocks, including height, number of flats within, location, a list of completed, proposed, and canceled constructions of these tower blocks, and history about how they were created.
More to come.

Track of the moment: 

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