22 October, 2010

VIS LANG | Iteration, Pathos/Ethos/Logos | Packaging

Coming close to the final for our product packaging. 
This was the product I went with, Oregon Chai Latte Concentrate. Which was categorized as logos. My task was to redesign the packaging and demonstrate ethos and pathos.
(As you can very well see this is THE ORIGINAL packing for the chai tea)  ;)
For ethos I went with an economical approach. Saying that for your cafe chai latte (Like at Sbux), you could get this chai concentrate that creates eight cups for the same price. Well actually in the examples I will be show you, I have much more then eight cups shown. So, that of course it something I need to look into and change. I also am going to look into having the price written on the packaging. Okay, so Ethos:

This is just an ideal of what my final picture will look like with the right packaging. This of course is not the final by any means, but it is making it's way. Everything on this package was originally hand drawn then vectored on the computer.

For Pathos, I was going for the feeling of calming, meditation like, zen. This on has a long way to go. My colors are off, content needs to be thought out within the mandala. The type needs to be vectored, no hand rendered text. But it will look good soon, I promise ;)

These colors are far too similar to my other packaging. The text is off too. Bleh.. 
I'll get it!