10 March, 2010

IMAGE MAKING | Sins book layout

I have been working on my cover page and my inside layout for my Seven Deadly Sins project. I wanted to incorporate the colors of my photos on my booklet cover and my second and third pages.
I first used an image from my photo collection, but then I realized we were not to use a images on the front cover. But anyways this is what I had initially had:
I had wanted to use the feet on the front cover to allude to the fact the my book was using only the feet (from the knee and down) to portray the seven deadly sins.
But after changing my cover and inside pages, I am much more pleased with them, and believe it is much more powerful to have the audience not knowing exactly what to expect. So yeah, expect the unexpected:
Second page, explaining what the seven deadly sins are
Third page, listing the seven sins and briefly what they are

I have not finished my colophon. But it will look very similar to the examples above. It will have the salmon colored bar with the text matching the background, creating a bleed.