02 March, 2010

IMAGE MAKING | Seven deadly sins

At the beginning of this project I was going to take pictures of objects only. One object that portray the sin. Then decided that that wasn't the best plan. I wasn't originally going to use people in my sin series. But then I decided to do the sins using only people's feet. I still have a lot of work to do, but I think this is a better plan then the first one.
I have taken a few test shots for four of the seven sins:




I need to work on the pictures being more cohesive. Maybe using all natural light, or black and white. Maybe just shooting in one area. I have so many choices.

VIS COM | Color icons, with color swatches

We first used color pencils (Any color, hence my horrid color choices) to iterate where our final color palettes would be placed. During class we chose which selection we should continue to iterate.
The black boxes show the two directions I will be incorporating color into.
  [Time to combine]
After doing my color swatches for my icons, it's time for color iterations using the icons:
My two directions are divided and iterated using my three chosen icons. Out of the two directions, I like the one on the right, which fills the subject instead of just important parts of the object.
The four sets that have black boxes around them are iterations of the original iteration. I wanted to explore how the icons would communicate if they were filled with different colors, or used different colored background. I did this because all of my icons are very cohesive; some may say too cohesive, making them boring. I was trying to see if breaking the cohesion with different color choices would help my dilemma.
I am leaning towards the different fills.

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