24 August, 2009

Progression of thumbnails

I have been working on my thumbnails for visual communication, and I really am enjoying them so far. They are becoming somewhat therapeutic. Here are a few pages of the thumbnail sketches:
And lastly I have my final ones done. We then picked three of our best ones, using black paper to create circles, recreating the sketches on 6x9 white paper.

Responses to the readings:

The articles did not change my thoughts on graphic design. I agreed with both articles, and I liked that they went into depth about the design and social aspects.

 Type and Image, Meggs, page viii stapled why I want to become a graphic designer. I really liked that the author discussed the problem solving aspect of design and that most designers consider their activities as a problem-solving process. This is another element I enjoy when it comes to graphic design. It's appealing to have to figure out something, and to overcome the obstacles it takes to achieve your end result. A good insight was to say that design was the communication between users and products, places and information.
The second reading Graphic Design Sources, Hiebert, p 9-10 was more in depth when it came to the processes in graphic design. Also went into how graphic designers impact other's lives.
These articles read more into graphic design and how our soiety profits from these designers.

"Why graphic design?"

Thinking back on it, I don't really have a time frame in which I decided graphic design was for me. I knew I wanted to go into the art field at a young age. I constantly found myself looking at creative advertising sites, sifting through fonts, and PS tutorials. Honestly when I first became interested in graphic design, the social aspect of it drew me in. The way our society absorbs advertisements and how the designer does whatever they can to get their meaning across to the consumer. I found it very appealing to be able to use my creativity towards the molding of society. Everywhere you look, weather it is on the streets, in an airplane, or even in your own home, you are constantly engrossing advertisements created using graphic design. I find this totally mind blowing!