08 October, 2010

VIS LANG | McCoy Lunch Lecture

What I learned: Well as simple as it sounds I learned how important it is to incorporate user experience within design.
As a designer I believe I do take a step into thinking about what the user's input would be. But I enjoyed how McCoy really emphasized it. 
He had different steps one could go through when designing. Very helpful, and something to try more often.

Just points McCoy mentioned: 

People Centered Design
and Modern Experience

What role do this products take, how do they interact with people's life? How do they use these technologies?

Start from the experience of the user. 

activities, environment, interaction, objects, users
Asking the questions, staring at the wall in the studio and just thinking about it, or actually go out and do it. Better user experience. 
cognitive mapping; how people view their space. Get on paper about how the person views their space.