30 August, 2010


Slightly cheesy. But I think it's a clever visual pun. This would be considered a pun because the word "can" is replaced with a visual picture of a soup can. This clever tee is promoting the Obama campaign "Yes We Can!"

Also pretty cheesy. This is an advertisement for a light beer. And it is also a visual pun. Because instead of showing a glass of light beer, they use a half of a light bulb. Same word (light) different meaning/object.

28 August, 2010

VIS LANG | Karrin Allyson Brainstormin' for matrix

Doing my best to think of some clever imagery.  I had started by breaking down Karrin Allyson and what she is all about and words that I think relate with her.  This is fun, but harder than it looks. My matrix is coming along. Slowly but surely.

26 August, 2010

TYPE III | Five explorations

Starting off type three with a bang! One of my biggest focuses this year needs to be typography. Last year it was seen to be my weakest subject. So fingers crossed I get the hang of this!
First assignment in type three was to use this paragraph:

born in amsterdam—a city that’s steeped in history, yet prides itself on being quite progressive.
a place where open mindedness always trumps convention. a city that doesn’t
know the meaning of status quo. a unique spirit indeed.

And do five compositions of experimental type, and this is what I came up with:

24 August, 2010

VIS LANG | Karrin Allyson

Karrin Allyson
Karrin (CAR-rin) Allyson is a three time Grammy-nominated American jazz singer and pianist. Allyson was born in Great Bend, KS and was moved to California, then returned to the midwest where she studied classical piano and sang at her local church. She attended the University of Nebraska at Omaha on a classical piano scholarship. Early in her career Allyson was lead singer for a rock band, Tomboy.
She soon developed a love for jazz, and performed in the jazz swing bad, and gigs around Omaha. She was inspired by Joni Mitchell, Norma Granz and Carol King.
After graduating from UNO with a major in Classical Piano and a minor in French, Allyson moved farther South to Kansas City. This is where she recorded her first self titled album. The album that would catch Concord Record’s attention. Becoming part of the Concord label Allyson would go to release 11 albums. These albums include a mix of jazzy tracks that incorporated genres of bossa nova, blues, soft rock, pop standards, and folk rock. These diverse albums also included her playing the piano. She recorded a number of pieces which she sang in English, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish.
Allyson now resides in New York, staying with the popular jazz scene but enjoys traveling all over the world.
Descriptive Words:

NARRATIVE | Semester Topic

For my semester topic I have chosen to do the Kibera TV.
Originally I was leaning towards non profit and I am totally interested in other cultures. I believe this will be a good fit. 
I think this will be a great experience and I thoroughly enjoy the idea of bettering our youth's education. 
Through Hot Sun Foundation, Kibera TV was created. This community channel is filmed by Kibera's youth from the Kibera Film School. I will be working with these students in creating an interface or branding for Kibera TV. The Hot Sun Foundation strives to expose the youth in Kibera to new ideas and possibilities by triaining and learning the world of film.