16 November, 2009

Type Iterations for 2nd line: "bent barley grass"

(One of my first type iteration)
This is the font I plan to use. Bernhard Modern Std. I choose this one because it resembled the grass. I am going to also use this positioning, at the base of the blades of grass.

(One of my first type iterations)
I plan to scale done the font from the first picture. This one was also another iteration. I do not plan on using the font though. I believe the first font is much more effective and relates well. But I think the first picture's font is too big. Scaling down would be a possibility.

Ta Da!
I think this is my final iteration. I may move the type down slightly. But overall I believe this is my best iteration and will be used for my second line which reads "bent barley grass"

Final Web Designs

These are my two final layouts for web design. I really like the top one. I like the alignment on the right side.  I still think the monogram is awkward. I have had trouble my monogram from day 1. It's so blocky and has such an odd positive shape.