11 November, 2009

Final Marks

These are my final marks for my haiku. I am excited to get them going in flash. I have began to redo my first tries at the story boards. I didn't do too well on the first ones. I need to work on using the animation to portray the image further. For example, my last line is about a narrow path. I can use zooming and framing to emphasize the narrow path. I am ready to get started and see where this takes my animation.

I have also been further iterating my ideas for my taxonomy. I am planning to use earth tones in my wire-o booklet. I was thinking about using a rich hue outside for the cover and back cover. Then using neatly cut labeling with possibly handwritten titles and texts throughout the booklet.
I want it to flip open vertically and easy to fit in one's hand.
Here is a few sketches of this idea:
I will be putting up some better outlines soon.