03 October, 2010

NA | Combined Narrative

Project 5; Kibera TV from Loren Cook on Vimeo.

Final presentation for my combined narrative. I shortened each music clip to make sure they fit into the 25 second stop animation. I also added different colors to some slides, and repeated a few. This was to make the animation seem as it was moving to the beat of the music.
I think overall the two pieces fit pretty well together.

As far as editing the sound and image, I don't believe I learned much more then before project 5. But when it came to editing these two pieces together, I had to really push to make it interesting. I could have easily placed these two channels together and made it work without much editing. But honestly, it was boring and expected. All in all I learned that combining two separate channels to make something interesting takes more time, but turns out so much more pleasing.