11 October, 2010

VIS LANG | Progress

Messing around with type on my scanned imagery. This type is totally wrong, just mostly looking at the type's color on the paper.

Another messing around moment. I was going off the concept of a person meditation, the string of the tea bag emphasizing their features. VERY ROUGH. 

I wanted to use mandalas to show calming, and meditation like, to give the feeling that this tea was calming, and relaxing. I would use tea bags (as shown) and possibly teapots and tea cups inside the mandalas.
But after the crit I realized I can't use tea bags. Because the product is chai concentrate. So it's not tea bags, it's liquid.

A few paper tests I did, then used ink... just a thought.

 (calming, meditation, soothing, concentrate)
(more for your money and using the USDA ORGANIC logo)

This is a picture I drew Karen. I thought she should try this approached for her Neutrogena facial bar. Pretty good idea, right? Haha