27 February, 2010

Type | Weather iterations

Though I have still not acquired a steady composition I have a few iterations I am continuing to work on:

 They all need a lot of work still. But they are coming a long.

VIS COM | Final icons

Okay, so I didn't realize till this morning. But I posted my final icon reflections to my old blogger. Ha. Anyways, I copied and pasted and here it is.

"Operating Instructions"

My final icons consist of:
  • doctor's clipboard
  • stethoscope
  • fluid IV bag
  • syringe
  • operating lamp
  • scalpel
At the beginning of the icon project I was going to do performing of an operation. But now on the final critique of our icons I have decided to do a operating "manual". I have not decided it I am going to make it a serious instruction manual or a slightly humorous manual (or however funny a surgical manual could be)
I think this will be a much more interesting story.
My first object I turned into an icon was the fluid bag, which I would soon find out would be my toughest icon to create. Since it was my toughest, and most iterated icon I chose it to do my process documentation:

Though it was my hardest icon to create, I believe it is one of my strongest ones. And bring the group together.

I did a lot of iterations and came up with six bordered contour icons with a simple wrap around element. I chose the wrap to add a element that was cohesive and interesting.