18 February, 2010

VIS COM | vector icons

So I began to vector my icons. I had been working with doing a wrapped/framed element with my icons such as these:
I am still not sure about the black circle background, I didn't like the square background, maybe a simple border would be nice. I need to mess around with more background/framing ideas.

Then I tried some without the wrapping/framing, which I like better:

I also would like to keep the thick single weight stroke throughout the icons.
And once again I am not a fan of the black circle background.
 One reason I decided to try without the frame was because I don't think I will be able to do all of my icons in the matter. But even when straying away from my original plan, I am liking it much more.


My find and share is a set of icons that I stumbled across a few weeks ago while making my morning coffee. I thought it was nice that I just happen to come across an advertisement that related to what we have been learning, without using my computer. On the back of my Dunkin' Doughnut bag was this clear and informational set of the coffee's well-known slogan "American Runs On Dunkin'"

All of the icons shown are clear and understandable to the consumer. The designer stuck to the colors associated with the Dunkin' Doughnut company and used the framing element to make the icons more cohesive. I do not know how I feel about the "ON" icon though. I believe I sticks out from the others, but when placed together it seems to work with the slogan (which is the point, to work with the slogan)