15 September, 2010

NARRATIVE | Detailed Narative

Kibera TV; final video from Loren Cook on Vimeo.

NA Project Three Detailed Narrative

For my detailed narrative project I decided to use a stop animation video using visual images to create a narrative about Kibera TV. While building my narrative I had to create good imagery to stand in for the things I couldn't actually say (like if I was using a voice over) I had to think of simple imagery for things like "youth" or "filming", and projection of the Kibera films. All while creating an interesting, understandable, timely animation. I learned that in order to create a successful one channel of communication narrative you need to use interesting angels and imagery, making clear what you are trying to convey.

When constructing my story I tried to build on top of the images in a way, using on imagery and transtioning it into another. On example of how I did this was starting the beginning with simple human figures, scaling down to emphasis "youths" while then showing the youth filiming. These images work together to create a narrative. I also brought the youth aspect of KiberaTV with the "do it yourself" feel. Child-like.