01 December, 2009

VISCOM | Final Project

 Above is my final storyboard on my flash haiku animation. At first I was having a difficult time transitioning from this simple storyboard to Flash. But quickly managed to produce a short but pleasant piece.

 The sequence above is the creating of my 3rd line symbol of "You make me, narrow path indeed".
Which describes the path one makes as they walk among grass. My object was a mass of plastic grass. I chose this material because my haiku deals with grass. I explored/created my marks with India ink, and mostly slapping or dragging the blades along the paper. These created almost teardrop shapes which also resembled grass shapes. My shape sketch iterations were shaky at first, but I finally created a symbol resembling blades of grass descending back, making a path. After scanning the symbol into Illustrator in I vectored the lines and imported into Flash. The transitioning of this object emphasized the creation of a path by breaking the symbols into two separate pieces. The two pieces entered the frame from opposites side and simultaneously met in the middle. I believe this forces the viewer to focus on the middle where the narrowest part of the joining objects.

Music: Breathe Me by Sia (instrumental)

Though our taxonomy did not have to relate to our haiku in any way, I decided to stay with the nature theme. I stuck with a simple binding and light brown, semi textured paper. I also used white labels (which I dyed) for the text, giving it a more homemade feel.
When classifying my marks into denotative and connotative I also tried to stick with a simplistic layout, using a spread to spread approach. For each object I snapped a shot of the mark-maker, which is the denotative. On the fallowing spread, four marks made by the mark-maker were placed evenly about the pages, labeling them with my connotative words.
 Table of Contents
 1st denotative
 Close-up of label
 1st connotative
 2nd denotative
 2nd connotative
 3rd denotative
 Close-up of label
 3rd connotative

4th denotative

4th connotative