26 September, 2010

VIS LANG | Reading

TYPE AND IMAGE by Meggs, p. 130
Graphic design can enhance communication when using decoration. Using this decorative elements allows the viewer to greater experience the design.
The bauhaus movement produced a typeface that was simplified and appropriate to that movement. The typeface did not use serifs, had clean proportions, and was based on geometric elements.

When using argumentative writing your goal is to persuade the listener that your ideas are more valid then theirs. There are three basic means of persuasion: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Ethos: (or ethic appeal)
Convincing the audience to believe what the author is saying. Someone we respect and trust their word. As well as being likable and worthy of their respect.

Pathos: (Emotional): To persuade the listener by appealing to their emotions.This can also effectively be used to enhance an argument.

Logos: (Logical) To persuade by reasoning. Discussing what makes it effective and reasons to back up your claims.