08 November, 2009

F + S

I looked around some more and decided to go with this image for my f+s. It is clear that the image above was created by analog before it was turned into a graphic poster. The marks that are to be the trees, clearly also show a image of a silhouette holding a bloody knife. I really enjoy how this is abstract and could be of course a silhouette or trees. 

Johannes Itten

Johannes Itten - Die Begegnung - 1916

We have been studying Johannes Itten's color system. Above is dealing with value with neutrals on the vertical axle. While the horizontal axle shows the value of the red hue.
Above the horizontal axle is a 10 hue color wheel. These swatches are the basis of what we have been making in class. Creating these swatches is very time consuming and an eyeopener to Munsell's world of color.