17 March, 2011

UK | Project 10

Continuing to look at aeronautical charts and sectional charts, I have been brushing on my understanding of them. Soon I will be flying in no time...Not really. But I have been researching online what they mean, and how they benefit the person who is using them.
I also have been looking at the the flights online of the planes arrivals into the airport.
Gatwick area
Sectional chart info

current Gatwick flights

I have not recorded the flights from Gatwick yet, but when I do I hope to somehow be able to identify which plane is which based on their times of arrival (shown on the internet live) and create my own aeronautical or sectional charts.
I want to be able to make levels of vision within these charts as well. Possibly using pictograms, color, textures, patterns, and lines to create readable (or possibly not readable) charts.
Using zinc lithography I hope to be able to use multiple plates. Using these plates to show different levels of the chart. For example, having a plate for solely the landscape of the Gatwick area, then using a different plate with a different color a top showing.
I could either do the drawing on the plates by hand, or I use polyester plates to transfer images made on my computer to lithographic prints.
More to come!

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