04 March, 2011

UK | Typeface design

We were given five choices of projects. I have chosen to design my own typeface. I decided to do a modular font.
After failing at my first try I decided to start over and create new rules.
Began to use basic shapes to create letterforms. After deciding I really wanted to use the grid base, then set some rules for myself to makes sure the family was cohesive. 
lower case
common breaking of letterform
2x4 grid structure
numbers would fallow the same grid, being the same height of the cap height

This is what I have currently came up with:

Crit for these is today, having to have each letterform printed on a A4 (approx. 8.5x11)
And a simple A1 poster (black and white only showing the entire font family, and including a short paragraph that uses the numbers, letters, and punctuations.  

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