16 November, 2010

NA | Communication Diagram Continued

After finalizing our communication diagrams from VIS LANG, we are now using them in NARRATIVE class. Our project is to create an interactive communication diagram, showing how the system of communication works.

IDEA #1: Make my diagram grow. Start at Source A and have the user be able to click and make the loop grow, all while popping up descriptions and labeling of the diagram. This would able the viewer to read at their own pace, while learning the way the diagram travels.
IDEA #2: First view would be the fading in of my diagram, then zooming down to the Source A and traveling along the loop/channel path in a 3D view of the model. The descriptions would pop up as it travels, allowing the reader to read it. This would not allow the user to have control. At the end, upon returning to Source A, the view would zoom out.
IDEA #3: Having my diagram be static and black and white muted form. Then as the viewer places their mouse over the communication element, it would glow with color, and telling what it is (Ex: MESSAGE, ENCODING, etc) If the viewer chooses to click the glowing element, it would pop up the description and give examples and further information about the element.

 I am aiming towards #1 or #3. Mostly because I like the fact that the viewer would have the power to choose what they want to learn, and how fast they want to proceed. Though #1 is more appealing because it would have more motion and interaction.

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